Activated Carbon Modeling - How does it work?

Predict’s activated carbon modeling software is powered by three sources:

Ion Exchange Modeling - How does it work?

Predict utilizes the capacity of the ion exchange material (volume of exchangeable ions it can remove from a solution), the composition of the solution (concentration and type of ions present in it), and a mass balance equation to relate the volume of ions removed by the ion exchange material to the volume of ions remaining in the solution. The mass balance equation can be written as:


1. Ci is the initial concentration of an ion in the solution (mg/L)
2. Vi is the initial volume of the solution (L)
3. Cf is the final concentration of an ion in the solution (mg/L)
4. Vf is the final volume of the solution (L)
5. Qi is the capacity of the ion exchange material for an ion (mg/g)
6. Ceq,i is the equilibrium concentration of an ion on the ion exchange material (mg/g)

This equation powers Predict and allows the user to model ion exchange consumption based on an individual application’s flow and concentrations.

Over 100 commonly used ion exchange brands’ capacity data are pre-loaded into the Predict modeling program. If you do not find your specific ion exchange brand, Predict can estimate and model the ion exchange consumption by guiding you through a simple process of selecting what type of product you plan on utilizing for your project.

A wide array of ion exchange resins is available to remove dissolved ionic contaminates from water. IX resins target contaminants for removal based on their electrical charges. :

Sludge Generation Calculator - How does it work?

When planning a water treatment project, where you are using flocculants or coagulants, knowing your solid waste (sludge) volumes is a critical part of project management and operational planning.

Predict software allows you to simply input each individual contaminant in your water, followed by the flow rate or volume of water. Based on your input parameters, Predict will calculate the anticipated solid waste generated.

As with all other Predict’s modeling, you can generate a report, with your imbedded information, that can be easily shared with your team, client, or regulatory agencies.